What's the difference between a wax and sealant?

by Summit Mann on August 26, 2022

You want your car to look as flashy and new as the day you drove it off the lot, but unless the car stays in the garage for the rest of your life, that’s a hard goal to maintain. Don’t treat your car like a sad, couch potato without a date on Saturday night. Slap on some makeup and gloss  (which is the car equivalent of wax and paint sealant), and get ready for a night out on the town. Lithium offers the best wax and paint sealant products to keep your car’s exterior shiny and young-looking, so even your middle-aged car can still turn heads. If you’re not sure whether you should use wax or sealant on your car, you’ll need to ask yourself what your goals are for your vehicle. Is your car a vibrant youngster you want to keep looking shiny with a bit of gloss, or is it older and duller in need of a more serious facelift? Both exterior detailing products deliver protection and shine and address different issues your vehicle’s paint job may need.

What is a Paint Sealant?

First, you’re probably wondering what exactly is a paint sealant? We’re all told to wear sunscreens and lotions to protect our skin against sun and weather damage that irritates and ages our skin. Your vehicle’s paint job is similar in that UV rays, pollen, tree sap, dirt, and other debris and environmental factors can cause paint fading, scratches, and oxidation that actually damages the paint job and makes your vehicle exterior look old and dull. Applying a ceramic paint sealant is like adding a protective layer of sunscreen to keep the original paint job looking fresh and glossy for a lot longer than an untreated paint. Ceramic paint sealants like Lithium’s Seal and Squeal contain synthetic polymers and other protectants, along with mild polishing agents that act as a protective layer over your car’s paint job. These ceramic polishes will help exfoliate oxidation and help fill minor imperfections on your vehicle’s paint. Think of a paint sealant as sunscreen and an anti aging treatment for your car’s “skin” to keep her looking younger, longer. Most paint sealants can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months with some like Seal and Squeal can last 6 months and longer.

Is Paint Sealant the Same as Wax?

Paint sealant and wax are similar in that they are both used to protect your vehicle’s paint job from damage, as well as adding lustrous shine to keep her pretty. Carnauba wax is a natural product taken from the leaves of a carnauba plant, sometimes it is mixed with other synthetic polymers to make it easier to apply and add a more long-lasting shine. Carnauba wax can last two or three months on its own and synthetic waxes can last as long as six months on its own.

What Goes First: Wax or Sealant?

When it’s time to get your vehicle ready for your date, whether that’s a car show, cruise night, or just showing off around town, where do you start with the primping routine? You always want to begin with a paint sealant as it is usually more durable, longer lasting, and should be thought of as the foundation for your protection. A foundation always has the more durable products as a base and then you add layers of other products for increased longevity. Since car wax is less durable and softer it would go over your sealant as a topper. Car wax is great on its own, but putting a paint sealant first is what really creates that stand-out shine, while adding extra protection.

What are the Benefits of Wax?

Waxing your car adds great shine, but it’s really about protecting your paint job from water spotting on your car, environmental pollutants, UV damage, and fading. If you want the best carnauba wax you can find to enhance your paint job, then you need Lithium’s Gloss Sauce Liquid Carnauba Wax. It’s literally our secret sauce that’s not a secret because we think everyone should have it, because it’s that amazing. It’s easy to apply, fills in light scratches and swirl marks, and adds incredible light reflection. We combined ultra-pure T-1 Carnauba waxes for natural shine with Curable Amino Functional Polymers to enhance durability, and came up with the best waxing agent you’ll ever use. It also has a pretty high level of hydrobisicity to bead water and keep the elements from sticking to your paint.

What are the Benefits of a Paint Sealant?

So you’ve got your Gloss Sauce wax base, and now you want to crank up the wow-factor with a ceramic paint sealant. Ceramic paint sealant like Seal and Squeal, literally seal in the paint job, while polishing it so bright you’ll get a squeal out of anyone who rubs up against its glossy finish. This light ceramic polish will bring back dead or dull-looking paint and then add a layer of ceramic sealant to help keep that shine glowing for up to 6 months. It’s like giving your vehicle’s paint job a facial and a little Botox to turn back the clock a bit and revisit that new car feeling.

Can You Put Wax Over Paint Sealant?

Yes, adding wax on top of a paint sealant is a great way to add layers of protection and depth to your paint. Wax can be applied every couple of months and is really an easy way to keep your paint sealant intact.

How Long After Sealant Can I Wax?

Wait a few hours after applying a paint sealant to allow the polymers to completely form before you put wax over it. Paint sealants with ceramic  additives like Seal and Squeal need to cure to really allow them to harden up and do what they are created to do. We recommend letting Seal and Squeal overnight and then you can add your wax in layers.

What is the Main Advantage of Using a Sealant Product Over a Wax?

The main advantage of using a paint sealant over car wax is the longevity. Most car waxes when applied will last about 2-3 months, whereas paint sealants can protect your paint and maintain that squeaky shine for up to six months or longer. The bottom line is that both products can work together to both protect and enhance your paint job so it always looks show-ready!




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