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by Summit Mann on August 02, 2022
It’s that time again - time to check in on what is going on in the wider world of detailing. I’m your host Keith Duplessie, so let’s get started - What’s going on - A LOT! This weekend we have two major events happening on the same day, but not at the same time. One, is Wax Stock in the UK. This is one of the largest enthusiast and professional driven one day detailing shows in the world. Held on Sunday June 5th, it will bring detailers, valeter’s (I think I have that right) and enthusiasts together from around the UK and Europe. Emceed by none other than IDA President Alan Medcraf, it’s not to be missed if you are on that side of the pond. Our own RENNY DOYLE and BOB PHILLIPS will be in attendance as well, so cheerio fellas! The “other” slightly closer to home event is, the Southern Detailers Conference in Lexington, Kentucky. P&S will set up the Bead Maker Lounge, and host Bead Maker and Coffee on site. SDC is a show just for detailers, and offers a car show, small group classes and a trade show floor. This show runs Saturday and Sunday the 4th & 5th. SYDNI BRAE GWINN, KYLE CLARK and I will all be present, so if you are local check it out. If not, keep up with all of us via social media to see what we are up to. But that is just the start - On June 18th, we head off to Boise for the Cruisin’ Hidden Springs Car Show, and follow that with week of special guests at the P&S Factory. Autogeek will be visiting with JUSTIN LABATO and ROBYN SWEET, for a day of video shoots and a Boot Camp. There will be an open house at the factory on the afternoon of June 23rd, featuring our special guests and P&S team members Renny Doyle and Sydni Brea Gwinn, and the whole team at P&S. The Boot Camp kicks off the next morning the 24th in the Detail Studio on the P&S Campus. What’s Trending - Silicone Free Dressings - with silicone pricing continuing to rise, the detailing world is looking for alternatives. At P&S we have had a Silicone Free Tire Dressing for many years - High Gloss. And, this spring we added a new partner to that line up - Dressed debuted to great reviews and is showing itself to be high quality shiny alternative to silicone based tire shines. Silicone Free products aren’t just for body shops anymore, so try it out. Another trend to keep an eye on is training. There are a lot of opportunities popping up out there. Seems everyone wants to get into training detailers, and there is nothing wrong with this, for sure. As you may have noticed, we are very much into it, and think we have a couple of the best in the business in Renny Doyle and Prentice St Clair. Just be sure to check out the program, what it offers and, and who is offering it, and make sure you pick one that will challenge you to be better and add skills to your tool bag of abilities. What could the future be - I could talk about the economy, but I don’t recycle topics! I do, however, recycle tried and true techniques. What’s old is new again - those that want to storm proof your business, now is the time to do it. Redouble your efforts to firm up your client/customer relationships. Ensure that you are maintaining communication, preforming account reviews, taking the time to get to know their needs, and concerns as we move forward into uncertain times. The easiest customers to get are the ones you already have, so don’t take them for granted, as they will see you through tough economic times. Also, make sure your house is in order. Make sure you have cash reserves set aside, that your inventory is strong, your billing up to date and that your CRM is accurate. Good relationship building and business practices never go out of style, and those that follow them, tend to excel in tough times. That’s all for now - We’re off to Lexington to track down some Bourbon to go with with all this Bead Maker! WRITTEN BY KEITH DUPLESSIE

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