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by Summit Mann on July 21, 2022

What Is Car Detailing?

Professional car detailing is the process of having your vehicle thoroughly washed and/or cleaned by professionals, rather than just driving through a car wash and throwing out some trash. Now, there is the chance to do this at home, but most people generally go to a shop because they lack the at-home equipment.

For example, you probably have a hose, vacuum, and access to some soap, but you may not have a pressure washer or polisher.

Some companies, businesses, or workers have to use detailing services regularly, which adds up to a pretty penny after a few runs. However, there is a possibility for DIY.

While it's great to save money by cleaning your car at home, most people don't think about it when it comes to professional detail services. However, it's easier to start than you think.  First, let's talk about some of the services that are included in professional services.

What Services Are Included?

When you hire professional detailing services, there are several services you should expect. However, it all depends on the company you choose, what services they offer, and the package of your choice.

For example, an Uber driver may need to get their car detailed after someone made a mess in their backseat. They may already have a car wash subscription or do it themselves at home, so they may just choose an interior detailing package. Here's a rough idea of what you should expect.



Over time, our exteriors get worn out by the elements, especially if you don't store your car in a garage. Dirt and debris are always hitting our vehicles as we drive, along with gravel, plenty of objects falling from trees, and more.

During the winter, these effects are even worse.

If you live in a cooler climate, you're probably used to salt, sand, and dirt on the road hammering away at your exterior as you drive. This process rapidly deteriorates your car's paint and undercarriage components.

Unfortunately, when left without being addressed, this could lead to rust. It's a ticking time bomb for your car.

Luckily, most detailing services will also offer both interior and exterior packages, along with various combinations depending on your needs. Most often, they start as a simple exterior wash and dry service, like a car wash.

From there, they may offer other exterior services such as paint decontamination, where they use a clay bar and chemical iron remover to remove any bonded contamination, iron particles, or residue from your vehicle's exterior.

Not only that, but most services will also offer polishing services as well. This uses a slightly abrasive material to even out or remove scratches from your car's clear coat. Often, this will be followed by a paint sealant or ceramic coating to give your car's exterior a protected and glossy shine.

While this is less common, some professional detailing shops may offer varying levels of paint correction, ceramic coating, or paint protection film to help keep your exterior safe for the long haul!



If you spend a lot of time in your car, you know how nice it is to keep the interior clean. Even if you don't spend a lot of time on the road, we all know what it's like to drive a car out of the dealership lot with that famous "new car" feel and pristine interior. This is no different than the interior of your home. Who likes a dirty or messy house? 

Well, this can easily be replicated with detailing services. If you're not ready to buy a new car but you want that same feeling, then these services are right for you, whether or not there was a mess in your vehicle.

Over time, dirt from our shoes, debris from our clothes, leftover food, spills, and dust from our bodies will collect inside our cars. Don't worry, it isn't just you.

However, if you want to present a clean car to your friends, family, or passengers, then you need to clean it out regularly. Also, if you drive a lot, a clean space will even help your mental health, similar to maintaining a clean home.

Unfortunately, clutter and other issues can lead to serious problems within the car. Allergens from dander, mold or mildew, and even driving hazards (obstructed view, pedals, or reaching hazards) can occur when your interior is left uncleaned for too long. For a DEEP dive into cleaning a car interior that needed help, check out this video.


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